I’m so happy you are here!!!

Hi! My name is Lauren but most of my friends, and some family, call me L.J. The nickname is endearing so I like when people use it. To give you a little background of my journey, I grew up in a small town in New Roads, Louisiana. Attended LSU for college, then moved to Las Vegas for eight years, spent some time in Philadelphia, and now presently back home rekindling with my southern roots.

I created Dear L.j. to be a space to give advice and get advice on life’s happenings.  Whether we like it or not Life is happening all around us. Sometimes it’s the BIG issues that get us down like relationship conflicts, self doubt, and figuring out purpose in life (I deal with these in particular on the Reg). And then there are the small issues like how not to eat pizza every day of the week and never remembering which side the freaking gas tank is on.

Issues that start small always have the potential to snowball into big if we don’t have healthy perspectives or positive self-talk to get us through it. For example, like when we innocently scroll around on social media and find ourselves down an Instagram rabbit hole and realize we’ve wasted 3 hours of life comparing ourselves to an “Instagram model” that has a Ph.d in facetune and filtering. The guilt after that one…Yikes.

In my 33 years of living this human experience, I have been through some pretty intense moments of life’s happenings. They include my parents divorce, my own divorce, bone-chilling betrayal, painful heartbreaks, personal failure, personal gain, beautiful redemption, and the realization that the most important part of life for me are the people in it.

I have a Masters degree in Social Work and a Bachelors in Psychology, both from LSU and I am passionate about mental health and the preservation of it. I have learned through receiving therapy and providing therapy that empowerment and a change in perspective has the power to change a life.

Whether big or small, life’s happenings are sometimes unavoidable and this is a space to get advice if you want it and maybe a new perspective if you need it. I understand how the mundane routines or overwhelming to-do lists can make it hard to just get out of bed in the morning. So let’s talk about it because in my experience life always feels lighter when we have an outlet that allows us to discuss it, ponder it, vent it, and my favorite – just laugh at it.

I’m excited to discuss these happenings with all of you in the hopes that my experiences can in some way help or guide you on your journey through life’s amusement park (an amusement park that can turn into a haunted house really quick – been there!).

My hope is that you gain something positive for your life by being here. Whatever it is, I want us to get through it. Notice I say “us” because I want Dear LJ to be a place that unites “us” through life’s difficulties and successes.

So please feel free to click around, read my posts, get empowered, and ask me ANYTHING on the “Ask Dear Lj” tab. Anything you write to me is strictly confidential and only for my eyes.

I wish everyone the power to shine bright like a pear shaped diamond and LIVE for your BEST You.

I can’t wait for “us” to figure it out Together!

P.S. I have a Masters in Social Work, not grammar, so pretty please just go with the fact that I capitalize random words that I think are Important and put commas where they probably don’t belong, and I love to dot dot dot (…) a lot for some reason. The "to be continued" feeling is fun. :) 

Sending you Jesus’s Love and mine too…