A Higher Love: Look for the Signs

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Have you ever heard the expression, “I took it as a sign”? Some of us use signs to guide our decisions or explain certain mishaps or outcomes. I think its important to look for signs and I always seek mine from up above. Some may say they don’t need signs or believe in signs, but personally I seek them out. I like to be reassured that I’m following the right path and making solid decisions. Whenever I feel lost in situations or facing changing circumstances, I ask God to show me a sign and He always delivers. It may not be the sign I desire or even delivered in the time-frame I want, but it always reveals itself.

I like to pray this prayer when asking for a sign:


loving Jesus, You know all the worries that flood my thoughts. I feel helpless to stem their tide. All I can do is ask for your help. Amen. 

Taken from the Book: Prayers for Difficult Times
By: Ellyn Sanna

This prayer is powerful because it surrenders control to God and lets Him know you need direction.

Surrendering control in situations where I have felt zero control has taught me to let go of expectations and just “be” in whatever is to come. Letting things “be” in life is not as easy or eloquently as the Beatles make it seem. But if we can learn to be grateful in whatever outcome is to manifest, whether its what we expected or not, eventually peace will find us and the silver lining will appear.

So if you are looking for a sign today, I encourage you to look all around you. Think of a symbol that represents one of your favorite things. For example, my symbol is a heart.                               


Whenever I see hearts on the ground, in the sky, or in objects, I take it as a sign and a little hello from God. Declare your symbol today and share it in the comments below or with me on the Ask Dear LJ tab,I would love to look for your signs! 

Holding your hand always,

Dear L.J.*