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In the past year I have become obsessed with drinking Matcha. I’ve noticed what a difference it makes in my energy levels versus drinking coffee. I’m definitely 1000% still a fan of my morning cup of Joe, but I like to switch up my morning routine every other day and drink Matcha instead. I have found it also helps with elevating my mood, so I should probably be consuming it by pounds instead of scoops...



  • Matcha is made from green tea leaves in a powder form, so you get the benefits of actually consuming the tea leaves.

  • Rich in Antioxidants and Nutrients.

  • Contains Caffeine but won’t leave you feeling jittery. I like to call it my ‘healthy caffeine”.

  • Its green, so you just feel like you’re doing something right while drinking it.

And if you do not own an electric tea kettle yet, GO GET ONE! I used to think that boiling water on the stove was better for the tea but research shows its not. With the electric tea kettle you can set the temp of the water and this allows the tea leaves or matcha to infuse at the correct temperature (which is usually around 176). Boiling water can burn the tea leaves resulting in a bitter tasting tea. No one has time for bitter tea. Gross.

Below are my Favs :) 

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Shop Links:

Matcha Mi - Love making Matcha Lattes with this one. 

Pukka Supreme Matcha Green Tea Packets – Found this one in Paris, so you know its Good.

Matcha Green Tea LATTE – Can also be found at Trader Joe’s.

Bona Vita Electric Tea Kettle – The spout is so chic. And it doesn’t come with the
label: “Take Ur Vitamins” as seen in picture. Thats my own touch, but it’s a great place for a reminder. (I love labels!) 

Cheers to your Matcha Adventures and Cheers to feeling Good!!

P.S. Add some frothed milk or a touch of cream and really get the party started!

Love, Dear L.j.*


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