Divine Detour

When life takes an unexpected turn it is sometimes hard to have faith that everything will work itself out. In my personal experience in 2017, life took so many twists and turns that I was forced to accept a lot of things I wasn’t happy about. It was very difficult and shocking getting sent home night one on the Bachelor - never saw that coming. I did not expect my time on the show to be cut so short and it left me feeling lost, disappointed in myself, and back to square one. All of my friends and family would lovingly tell me, “God has a plan”, “Everything happens for a reason”. We say these things to comfort our loved ones, but they are not easy to hear when on the other end. I just could not believe that God's plan was leading me to feel so disappointed in myself and uncertain of the future. 

It took quite some time for me to realize my perspective was completely backwards. The reason I felt disappointed was that I was following my own path and not embracing God's plan. God INDEED had a plan, and I made the decision to embrace that this letdown was my Divine Detour. I chose to believe that this detour was protecting me from a path I was not supposed to be on. I became adamant about fully accepting this detour and trusting that a different path was already in the works for me. If you are going through anything in your life right now that you don't understand, I am sending you courage to accept the detour; it is leading you to something better. 


TRUST the Detour . . . 

                  It is not the easiest thing to have faith that circumstances will eventually turn around, but the minute you are able to embrace the uncertainty and allow Jesus to literally take the wheel you will begin to feel peace. I can’t even describe how beautiful this peace is, but I know that it is priceless and available to everyone who seeks it. On the days I felt hopeless and lacking purpose, and there were quite a few, I learned to focus on Jeremiah 29:11…“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Saying this out loud helped me so much because it allowed me to trust someone again. When everything around me felt unstable, I knew God was someone I could consistently count on. I trusted He was working behind the scenes on something far better than what I had hoped for. So I dug my heels in deep and tried again to have hope that He wasn’t going to let me down. When feelings of sadness or doubt would come up I would say out loud, “You got me right?” and I began to gradually feel peace.

                  If you are experiencing a disappointment or heartache today, have the courage to believe that maybe God is allowing this in your life right now so he can divinely detour your path into something better. I know it is not easy but I can tell you with absolute confidence and certainty that I know now why God needed to redirect me. It was impossible to see it then, but He was protecting me from so much more disappointment and loss. In order to carry out His plans, the loss of mine was necessary. Jesus is your protector, never forget that! He wants to see you so happy and so in love. He knows exactly what you need when you need it and sometimes that doesn’t match up with what we want, but let Him change your heart into what is BEST for you. When we let go of our plans and trust His, the new path just sort of manifests when you least expect it. Trust me on this one, it will happen for you.

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Sending you courage to trust God’s plan for you, He loves you so much! And honestly look at His track record, the Dude doesn’t lie! ;-)

Cheers to your Divine Detour, its going to be such an Adventure!

Holding your hand, 

***Dear L.j.***