A Reminder to Look Forward

I read a scripture today that made me realize how much time I spend in the past and how this could be sabotaging my present. 

The Scripture read:

  • "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God." Luke 9:62

It took me a minute to grasp what Jesus was trying to convey in this message, but I see it now. He wants us to stop looking back so much and begin looking ahead. While it is wise to look back and learn lessons from the past, we shouldn't spend our energy living there. 
I've realized the more time I spend pondering events of the past and feeling regretful or sad because of it, causes me to relive those emotions in the present time. Ouch. 
 This causes tension in relationships, changes in mood, and eventually murders my happiness.



I've come to the conclusion that living in the past is a direct link to dissatisfaction with the present. The unhappiness with present circumstances creates fear that our future is also doomed in the same way, so we look for answers in the past in hopes to change something. But I must warn you, searching around in the past can cause a rediscovery of painful memories, which in turn, makes them your reality again and again and again. Like I said before, OUCH! This is stealing your joy from the present!

I am still learning myself, that just because you are not completely satisfied with your present situation, does not mean it will benefit you to search the past for meaning. Most of the time you won't even be able to make sense of whatever past memory or event you are wrestling with and its a waste of your precious energy, and a cruel self-sabotage of your reality.
That does not sound like fun.  

While the present may not seem like a place you desire to reside in right now, my advice to you is to embrace it anyway. Embrace the uncomfortableness, embrace the regret, embrace the sadness, and dare to have faith that soon enough you will be embracing contentment. 

**************Contentment Defined: a state of happiness and satisfaction.****************

While the past is important and holds many of our treasures and life lessons, it is not a place God meant for us to dwell in. He named the present time synonymous with the term 'GIFT' for a reason. 

Let's have courage together right now to only look ahead and love yourself this very second, exactly where you are.

The past will always be there, but right now is so much more important.  


Remember to Look Forward, 



Love Dear L.j. 


p.s. What are your strategies for looking forward? Would love to hear from you in the comments below or shoot me an email in the Ask Dear L.j. box! Xo!!